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Room to Read Gets a Helping Hand From Sonoma Partners

Each year we vote on a charity to support financially, and this year's winner is Room to Read. Room to Read runs 4 programs to support the educational needs in developing nations and rural communities. Through all of the work they do, Room to Read has:

  • Established over 14,600 libraries
  • Published 723 original local language children's books in 21 languages
  • Distributed over 12 million books
  • Supported education for over 19,622 girls 

Here's one of their uplifting videos to give you an idea of the impact we can all have together:


In total, 7,815,000 children have benefited from Room to Read's wonderful efforts since 2000. If you're interested in joining our efforts to improve education for children around the world, you can donate right here on their website.