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It's All About The Experience

From time to time enterprise technology projects fail – and it is rarely ever the technology’s fault. The key to project success has always been mastering the elements of people, process, and technology. Since those first 2 are the elements that most frequently cause failure, let’s examine why.

It’s all about the experience. If end users of an application aren’t consulted early and often about what they need to make their lives easier, the end result will be someone else’s “WAG” (I’ll let you figure out the acronym). That’s simply not a winning strategy.

Enter what we call the focus on the end user. Check out this short video as we explain how this approach makes all the difference in the world:


This focus on the end user makes tremendous mobile applications that are easy to use and improve productivity, but the same concepts apply to CRM deployments. The beauty of Microsoft Dynamics CRM isn’t that it does a lot out of the box, but that it can be customized for specific user scenarios.

For instance, a call center rep has to do very different things in CRM than a field sales rep – so why make them use the same interface? By interacting directly with end users and understanding their jobs, CRM can be customized to really smooth out the process of interacting with customer data.

The end user’s experience is greatly improved, efficiency goes up and so does productivity. So the next time you’re looking at a technology initiative at your company, remember: it’s all about the experience. 

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