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The Top 4 Reasons to Integrate Your Apps With Microsoft Dynamics CRM





If you work at an ISV, your biggest priority is gaining new subscribing customers each month. Competitive pressures shorten how long your product development lifecycles can be, so your biggest challenge is getting your app to market quickly and at a low cost.

Luckily for ISVs Microsoft has provided a great way to get new customers, and fast. Here's our top 4 reasons to integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

1. It's a Huge Market
As of last quarter, Microsoft Dynamics CRM has more than 33,000 customers and 2.25 million users worldwide. Think about how many line of business workers in sales, marketing, and customer service that need to use your app, and would be more likely to do so if it was integrated with something they use daily. 

2. It's Growing....FAST
Announced earlier this year, the platform is showing an astonishing 30% growth rate. By investing in the platform now, your company can take advantage of a market that is not just large, it's getting bigger every month.

3. It's a Market Leader
In fact both Forrester and Gartner have said so. Forrester just released two new Waves, naming Microsoft Dynamics CRM a leader for both large and midsized firms. Gartner named it a leader in it's Magic Quadrants for both customer service and sales force automation

4. Strong Partner and Channel Ecosystem
Given Microsoft's size and the success of Microsoft Dynamics CRM there are several great partners you can work with, and that's especially true of Sonoma Partners. Our company has more experience integrating apps with the platform than any other partner.

Additionally, Microsoft has the Dynamics Marketplace where you can showcase your app to millions of users. 

So if your ISV is at that point where you need to grow quickly by finding new customers, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is where the smart money is at. Want to get started? Give us a shout and we'll show you how to make it happen. 

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