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The Top 3 Reasons A/E/C Firms Need Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (A/E/C) firms operate a little differently than most businesses.  And marketers at those firms work a little differently than marketers in other industries.

Generating proposals on time is a brutal process. Keeping track of projects in one place seems impossible. We know some of your challenges, so here’s the top 3 reasons you need Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

1. Proposal and marketing automation
A/E/C marketers constantly tell us how painful it is to create a proposal. Good news! By storing project history, staffing and resource information, and even project images inside CRM, you can automate the process of gathering information and presenting it in a single document.

2. It Works in Outlook, Word, and Excel
Most of us have Outlook open all day long. Just as many of us use Word and Excel on a daily basis. The good news for you is that Microsoft Dynamics CRM works with those products, so the learning curve is incredibly short. And if you want to work in CRM directly, the user interface is built by Microsoft – so the look and feel is instantly familiar.

3. Access from mobile devices
Who doesn’t have a smartphone or tablet at their side these days? In our lives as consumers we’re used to having instant access to all kinds of information. Thankfully all of the information you store in Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be accessed by your laptop, smart phone or tablet. On the road and need project info? No problem.

If you're an A/E/C marketer (especially our friends in SMPS) and you've had enough pain, give us a shout and we'll give you a demo.

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