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How to Pump up Sales at Your Accounting Firm [INFOGRAPHIC]

Accounting firms are finding themselves in a race to the top: grow revenue or be acquired. 

Sounds super easy, but how does your firm do that while competing with so many others? One easy way to do it is to give yourself an unfair advantage with technology. This infographic shows you one great option that all of our clients are using. 


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JavaScript Bookmark Series – Part 3

Today’s bookmark will change all the labels of the fields on the form to their schema name.  If you are like me and keep the entity form open for reference then this bookmark will be very helpful to get a schema name quickly without needing to open the form customizations.

Add the following as your bookmark URL:


The end result:


JavaScript Bookmark Series – Part 2

A lot of times you’ll find yourself in need of an ID for a certain record.  You can navigate to that record in CRM and copy and paste the ID out of the URL but that can be a pain due to encoding. 

Here’s a quick and easy bookmark you can set up to alert the record ID and have it copied into your clipboard automatically:

javascript: var id = frames[0];  if (id) { clipboardData.setData("Text", id.toString()); alert(id); } else { alert('No id yet!'); }

And another one for the entity type code as a bonus…

javascript: var typeCode = frames[0].Xrm.Page.context.getQueryStringParameters().etc; if (typeCode) { clipboardData.setData("Text", typeCode.toString()); alert(typeCode); }


The Top 3 Reasons A/E/C Firms Need Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (A/E/C) firms operate a little differently than most businesses.  And marketers at those firms work a little differently than marketers in other industries.

Generating proposals on time is a brutal process. Keeping track of projects in one place seems impossible. We know some of your challenges, so here’s the top 3 reasons you need Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

1. Proposal and marketing automation
A/E/C marketers constantly tell us how painful it is to create a proposal. Good news! By storing project history, staffing and resource information, and even project images inside CRM, you can automate the process of gathering information and presenting it in a single document.

2. It Works in Outlook, Word, and Excel
Most of us have Outlook open all day long. Just as many of us use Word and Excel on a daily basis. The good news for you is that Microsoft Dynamics CRM works with those products, so the learning curve is incredibly short. And if you want to work in CRM directly, the user interface is built by Microsoft – so the look and feel is instantly familiar.

3. Access from mobile devices
Who doesn’t have a smartphone or tablet at their side these days? In our lives as consumers we’re used to having instant access to all kinds of information. Thankfully all of the information you store in Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be accessed by your laptop, smart phone or tablet. On the road and need project info? No problem.

If you're an A/E/C marketer (especially our friends in SMPS) and you've had enough pain, give us a shout and we'll give you a demo.

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JavaScript Bookmark Series – Part 1

Today we’ll be kicking off a series of posts about JavaScript bookmarks that can be useful to CRM developers and customizers.  These bookmarks are easy to setup and could help save some time.  To create these bookmarks, just browse to any CRM page and add it to your favorites (This will get you the lovely CRM logo).  Then, you can edit the bookmark and set the URL to the JavaScript mentioned in the post.


The first bookmark in the series will alert any fields that are dirty on a CRM form.  As a developer, you’ll know that sometimes forms become perpetually dirty due to some custom JavaScript that is manipulating a field value automatically.  This makes the pesky “Are you sure you want to leave this page?” alert show up when the user closes the form even if they didn’t change a value.

To easily debug this issue, make a bookmark setting the URL to the following:

javascript:var message="The following fields are dirty: \n";window.frames[0],index){if(attribute.getIsDirty()==true){message+="\u2219 "+attribute.getName()+"\n";}});alert(message);

Now browse to the ‘dirty’ CRM form and click your new bookmark.  This should alert the names of all the fields that are dirty.

That concludes our first bookmark of the series!  Let us know in the comments if you have any suggestions for a useful bookmark.

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The Top 4 Reasons to Integrate Your Apps With Microsoft Dynamics CRM





If you work at an ISV, your biggest priority is gaining new subscribing customers each month. Competitive pressures shorten how long your product development lifecycles can be, so your biggest challenge is getting your app to market quickly and at a low cost.

Luckily for ISVs Microsoft has provided a great way to get new customers, and fast. Here's our top 4 reasons to integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

1. It's a Huge Market
As of last quarter, Microsoft Dynamics CRM has more than 33,000 customers and 2.25 million users worldwide. Think about how many line of business workers in sales, marketing, and customer service that need to use your app, and would be more likely to do so if it was integrated with something they use daily. 

2. It's Growing....FAST
Announced earlier this year, the platform is showing an astonishing 30% growth rate. By investing in the platform now, your company can take advantage of a market that is not just large, it's getting bigger every month.

3. It's a Market Leader
In fact both Forrester and Gartner have said so. Forrester just released two new Waves, naming Microsoft Dynamics CRM a leader for both large and midsized firms. Gartner named it a leader in it's Magic Quadrants for both customer service and sales force automation

4. Strong Partner and Channel Ecosystem
Given Microsoft's size and the success of Microsoft Dynamics CRM there are several great partners you can work with, and that's especially true of Sonoma Partners. Our company has more experience integrating apps with the platform than any other partner.

Additionally, Microsoft has the Dynamics Marketplace where you can showcase your app to millions of users. 

So if your ISV is at that point where you need to grow quickly by finding new customers, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is where the smart money is at. Want to get started? Give us a shout and we'll show you how to make it happen. 

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