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New Microsoft Dynamics CRM Whitepaper: Improving Client Performance

The Microsoft Engineering for Enterprise (MS CRM E2) team just released a new whitepaper titled "Optimizing and Maintaining the Performance of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Clients”. As you would expect, this document goes through 19 pages of detail on how to soup up your Web client and Outlook client to achieve the best possible performance. In addition to covering the obvious stuff like “make sure you have a fast network” and “don’t skimp on the system hardware” (I’m paraphrasing here :) ), the white paper also gets into some not-so-obvious nitty gritty details. Some of the tips outlined in this document include:

  • Configure client-side browser caching in Internet Explorer
  • Configure simultaneous download sessions in Internet Explorer
  • Optimize the Outlook synchronization process by limiting synchronization filters
  • Optimize the Outlook client Address Book performance by only matching against the contacts that are synchronized to Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Pin commonly used views in the Outlook client
  • Limit the use of JScript, IFrames and sub-grids

Personally, the suggestion to configure multiple simultaneous download sessions was a new suggestion for me that I will try. Apparently this is a new feature available in IE 8 and IE 9.

While you shouldn’t expect these tips to make MAJOR improvements in your performance, every little improvement helps! You can download a copy of this whitepaper on the Sonoma Partners website.

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