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5 Ways Vibe Can Make Your Business More Agile, Save Time, Boost Teamwork, and Generally Save the World

This isn't your dad's business. You have employees and partners spread all over the world and the information that makes your company successful is in their heads -- not on paper. Many of your employees work outside the traditional office and check in from home, their local Starbucks, and on-the-fly office spaces. 

A worldwide presence and a dynamic work environment are a boon for your business, but there are some drawbacks too. Since some of your employees work from home, those vital water cooler chats to catch up on company news are a thing of the past. Moving fast is hard when your project team and your sales team are in different time zones (or even just in different offices in the same building). And your project and delivery teams have no clue what's in the sales pipeline, making it difficult for them to gear up for new projects.

Here are five ways that Sonoma Partners’ Vibe Social Networking application can boost your business by getting all your employees -- no matter where they are or when they work -- on the same page.

1. Vibe is as easy -- and fun -- to use as social media (minus the annoying Farmville updates).

You might already stay in touch with your friends and family using social media like Facebook and Twitter, which you can access from anywhere, anytime. Vibe is a social CRM platform for businesses where users can post information, subscribe to feeds, and more. Vibe helps your company take advantage of your geographically diffused workforce -- and the collective brainpower of all your employees -- through a technology that your employees are already familiar with.

2. Vibe lets your employees get help with projects, proposals, and more.SocialNetwork

With Vibe, your employees can create their own feeds for each new opportunity, order, or case; post requests for help and get immediate responses from the entire organization; and deliver solutions based on other members' experience instead of starting from scratch with each new sale or proposal. Vibe also lets users search posts for information they may have missed so they don't duplicate requests, and receive daily e-mail digests so they don't miss important information.

3. Vibe lets you work like the wind.

The pace of business is getting faster by the day, so when you get a client request you need to marshal your resources and employees and get your clients what they need, stat -- which is hard when your employees (and the data in their brains) are scattered globally. With Vibe, instead of having to spend hours sleuthing out the right person or resource, employees can simply post a quick note that other subscribers to that feed can see and respond to pronto.

4. Vibe builds strong teams.

Employees work better together when they share a personal connection. Just for fun, feeds like @sports and @musicnerds foster an enjoyable work environment and help build loyal teams.

5. Vibe keeps you in the know.

Want to know what's going on in the trenches in your organization? Management can use Vibe to follow key conversations, keep abreast of new projects, and find out when someone needs help.

The result? We hate to use the cliché "well-oiled machine," but with Vibe that's what your diverse employees and partners will work like. Solutions are better, responses are faster, and key data -- from product fixes to who's following which sports team -- are where your employees need them.

Please contact us for more details on how Vibe can boost your business! If you’re already running Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, you can download the free community edition of Vibe from the Dynamics Marketplace.