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21 Questions Franchisors Should Ask Their CRM Consultant

Business people with question mark on boards Of course most companies understand the benefits of using a CRM system, but it’s not easy to know how to buy a CRM system. There are TONS of CRM systems to choose from, and there’s a lot of different factors and variables for you to think about. Considering most companies only evaluate CRM platforms once every three to five years, knowing which questions to ask as part of your selection process can be tricky! Well fear not our franchise friends, we put together a quick primer of 21 key questions franchisors should be asking about:

  • The CRM system they’re considering
  • The consulting company that will help them customize and implement the CRM system

These 21 questions will help you get started with a CRM evaluation, and they will also help make sure you’re not missing any major criteria.

Well Look Right Here! Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Step by Step

As we mentioned the other day, our Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Step by Step book is ready for online ordering. Today we received our first hard copies of the book, very cool to see the goods in person!


Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Step by Step Book Now Available!

StepbyStep2011[1] Just in time to go with the recent release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, our book Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Step by Step is now available and in print! For those who like to travel light, you also have the option to purchase electronic copies of the book:

We targeted the material in this book at end users of the CRM system, and it explains all of the basics of working with the CRM system on a day-by-day basis. Because it’s part of the Microsoft Press Step by Step series, it follows a very structured format of clear, simple steps on how to perform common system tasks.

The 18 book chapters are:

  • Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Getting Around in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Working with Account and Contacts
  • Working with Activities and Notes
  • Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook
  • Working with Leads and Opportunities
  • Using Marketing Lists
  • Managing Campaigns and Quick Campaigns
  • Working with Campaign Activities and Responses
  • Tracking Service Requests
  • Using the Knowledge Base
  • Working With Contracts & Queues
  • Working with Filters and Charts
  • Using Dashboards
  • Using the Report Wizard
  • Using Advanced Find
  • Reporting with Excel
  • Bulk Data Importing

If you want to check out the book content before buying a copy, you can preview a little of the book content online using the “Look Inside” feature at or by browsing at Safari Books Online.