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Microsoft is preparing for Convergence 2011 in Atlanta, GA, from April 10-13.  You can help in that planning by submitting Topics for the conference.  Follow this link to have your voice heard for #CONV11 - Call for Topics.

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XRM Snoop developer tool for writing Microsoft Dynamics CRM plug-ins

Sonoma Partners' Development Director Corey O'Brien explains XRM Snoop

XRM Snoop is Sonoma Partners' proprietary application to help developers troubleshoot and debug plug-ins for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The tools provides a graphical user interface to help developers:

  • Understand the different values and parameters associated with the various plug-ins
  • Understand the different types of plug-in registration methods
  • Understand how a specific plug-in interacts within the overall event processing pipeline.

When using XRM Snoop, you connect to a Microsoft Dynamics CRM system, configure with entities you want to track, and then it registers a plug-in that "listens" to the specific target entities. When events fire within the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system, the XRM Snoop application will display all of the various plug-in data related to target entities.

XRM Snoop provides a significant benefit to developers to working with plug-ins versus reading the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software Development Kit because XRM Snoop allows you capture plug-in behavior specific to the entities you're tracking all within an easy-to-use graphical interface. It also allows you to actually click through the system as an end user to test your plug-ins and then XRM Snoop displays data about how your plug-ins are functioning.

Sonoma Partners’ customers benefit from XRM Snoop because our development team uses this tool to help write custom code more quickly and efficiently!

XRM Snoop Screenshots

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