Writing SQL Reporting Services Reports for CRM Online 2011

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Jim Glass recently provided a great post on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 YouTube video library. One of the videos that immediately interested me was Abhijit Gore’s walkthrough of writing SQL Reporting Services Reports for CRM Online 2011. In this 10 minute video, Abhijit demonstrates how we can now write SRS reports that can be imported into CRM Online 2011 and also used within the new 2011 dashboards!

CRM 2011 uses Fetch XML to query the CRM Online databases. To start writing your own reports for CRM Online, you must first install the CRM BIDS extension. Don’t worry if you are a novice to Fetch XML. Microsoft CRM 2011 provides a handy ‘Download Fetch XML’ button as part of the Advanced Find dialog page.


So, simply create your query in Advanced Find (or even better, using the new list filtering and/or visualizations), and then copy/paste the resulting Fetch XML from the dialog.


I won’t walkthrough the entire process here, as Abhijit covers it all in his video.

Finally, be sure to subscribe and friend the CRM YouTube channel and do the same with Sonoma’s own YouTube channel.


  1. Thanks for sharing such useful information about SQL Reporting Services Reports for CRM Online 2011. This blog will help companies who use Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

    Posted by: Customer support software  |  Dec 11, 2010 2:48:50 AM

  2. It would seem that the CRM BIDS Extension is no longer available for download. Do you know where I might find it, now that CRM 2011 Online is no longer in Beta?

    Posted by: Maria  |  Mar 16, 2011 7:47:04 AM

  3. The site SQL Reports has a great SQL tutorial.

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    Posted by: MIke  |  Mar 29, 2011 9:26:00 AM

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  5. The video you linked to above is useful for generating reports on multiple records of one type. However I'm struggling to figure out how to create context sensitive reports, which I could run from a records form view.

    For instance, I want to be able to view a report which looks at cases and produces a summary of each case on a separate page - including the notes and resolution. This means linking to separate entities in the system, and I can't find how to do it with FetchXML.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



    Posted by: Tom  |  May 6, 2011 4:30:51 AM

  6. I am not a programmer but I have this SQL subject this session and have to prepare for it. What all topics should be covered in it?
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