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Scribe Webinar: Insight 7.0 Using Multi-Target with Web Services & more

Our friends at Scribe have recently released their Scribe Insight 7.0 product release. Scribe Insight 7.0 is a major release for Scribe and adds a number of significant pieces of functionality focused along the following themes: Improved Productivity; Greater Flexibility; Streamlined Maintainability; and Simplified Cloud Connectivity.

In support of this important release, they will be having a Webinar to demonstrate some of the new functionality. Details are below:

PRODUCT WEBINAR: Insight 7.0 Using Multi-Target with Web Services & more

Join the Scribe product team as we provide examples and demonstrations of Insight 7.0's new multi-target capability in conjunction with the Web Services adapter and other relevant examples.

Date: Thursday, 29, July, 2010
Time: 11:00am - 12:00pm EST
Presenters: Bob Sturim - VP of Products for Scribe Software
Tom O'Brien - Product Manager for Scribe Software
Heather Robinson - Director of Marketing for Scribe Software

Register here:

Did you miss Scribe’s Product Launch webinar for Insight 7.0? This webcast, held on July 6th 2010, presented an overview of Scribe Insight 7.0 with live product demonstrations. To view the recording please click here, and to download the Insight 7.0 Product Release Overview document click here.

Taking the Covers Off of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 (What’s New)

Bryan Nielsen - Microsoft At the Microsoft WPC conference last week, there was a session called “Taking the Covers Off of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 5”. I watched the recording of this session and tried to provide a summary of the session highlights (to save you an hour of viewing time!). Here we go:

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 5 (nee "V. Next") is now branded as Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011!

    • When we heard this news on Monday we debated how people would pronounce it. Since I call Microsoft Office 2010 as "Office two thousand ten" I was thinking I would use the same pattern for CRM 2011 as "CRM Thousand and Eleven".
    • However both Bryan Nielsen and Andy Bybee from MSFT pronounced it "CRM Twenty Eleven" instead of "CRM Two Thousand and Eleven". I guess I will start calling it CRM Twenty Eleven. :)
  • Key messaging for CRM 2011
    • You all know that CRM 4.0 had "Power of Choice" as a key message
    • The key message for CRM 2011 will be the "Power of Productivity", broken down into three categories:
      • Familiar Experiences
        • Native Outlook Experience (preview pane, ribbon)
        • Advanced personalization
      • Connected Experiences
        • Visualizations, dashboards and graphical navigation
        • Guided processes (scripts)
      • Intelligent Experiences
        • Contextual document repositories (w/Sharepoint)
        • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Microsoft is expanding the global availability of CRM Online
    • Will include 8 additional markets
    • 40 markets, 41 languages at the end of 2010
    • Poor Tobago was the punchline on a few jokes!
  • CRM 2011 will help you manage both customer AND custom relationships
  • Enough with the Powerpoints, let's see the DEMO! (courtesy of Andy Bybee). It starts around the 8:50 minute mark of the video.
    • Starts with the Outlook client (of course)
      • You can now view the related records AND the regarding records right in Outlook
      • You can convert an email to Opportunity directly
      • During the demo, Andy selected a lookup. If you pay close attention, you can see that now CRM 2011 lookups allow you to select views in addition to Quick Find! Huge!
      • Now you can also do the following from an Outlook email(with CRM data)
        • Add Connection
        • Insert Template
        • Insert Article
        • Attach Sales Literature
    • Dashboards! Gotta love the new dashboard and visualization capabilities they demo in CRM 2011.
    • CRM 2011 now provides native Outlook access to CRM data (it isn't just an Iframe to the web client like CRM 4.0), benefits include:
      • You can drag columns to reorder, add/remove, use groups, etc.
      • You can toggle the reading pane settings
      • Drag/drop form sections on a personal basis
  • Bryan Nielsen interviewed Jason Hunt from Avanade about the partner opportunity with CRM 2011
    • Jason gave a quick shout out to Sonoma Partners, thanks Jason! :)
  • Another demo by Andy Bybee (starting around the 29:12 minute mark)
    • CRM 2011 allows you to package your customizations into solutions (instead of one giant munged pile of customizations like CRM 4.0):
      • Solutions consist of more than entities, also includes security roles, reports, dashboards, plug-in assemblies, etc.
      • Developers can work with .NET 4.0 framework
      • Can be managed/unmanaged
    • Saw a quick demo of "processes" (sometimes referred to as scripts or dialogs). This is a huge new feature that a lot of customers ask for in 4.0.
    • You can now create custom activity types in CRM 2011. Big-time benefit!
    • CRM 2011 includes field level security! (whoo-hoo)
  • Session ended with a demo from ISV Client Profiles (by their CTO Kevin Wydra)
    • Kevin mention CRM 2011 will have multiple forms per entity. Yes!!
    • Kevin demo'd one of the cool customizations called related parties (a graphical layout of the relationships between entities). It is a custom built Silverlight control loaded easily on the CRM form.
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WPC 2010 wrap up and CRM 2011 Updates

Steve Ballmer on stage at WPC saying that's he's all in.Last week I attended the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Washington, DC, and I *think* I have caught up on all the email and stuff I missed while I was out of the office. Therefore I finally have a few minutes to write up my thoughts on the conference. While Washington, DC was very hot, the news about Microsoft Dynamics CRM was even hotter! :)

Here’s some of my personal news/highlights from the conference:

  • Microsoft CRM “V.Next” got an official name: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. Most people, including myself, have referred to V. Next as version 5 for a while now but Microsoft likes to keep us on our toes. Who can forget all the good fun when the product skipped 2.0 and went from 1.2 to 3.0? I guess the 2011 naming is to have the CRM product naming line up with the Office and SharePoint name/numbering (versus the rest of the Dynamics products which use numbers).

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online (2011 version) will be available by year end! This is great news, we have customers and prospects fired up to get rolling with CRM Online.

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 will have a public beta this September! Sign up and get more information here.

  • Microsoft CRM has 23,000 customers and 1.4 million users. Wow, great success.

  • Microsoft announced they will launch a Dynamics Marketplace this September. Microsoft marketing’s description of the Marketplace = “The marketplace will allow customers to quickly search, discover and apply industry-specific applications and solution extensions from Microsoft and its partners to help them accelerate and extend their CRM and ERP implementations.” I will now translate this marketing-speak into regular person language = “The Dynamics Marketplace is our competitive offering against’s Appexchange.”

  • Microsoft is “all in” on the cloud. If I had a nickel for every time I heard that expression last week, I would give Warren Buffett a serious run for his money.

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 was everywhere at the conference! I was lucky enough to provide a CRM 2011 demo as part of a session with Steve Fox. The crowed oh-ed and ah-ed at some of the cool stuff I showed off, and it was just a quick 7 minute demo.

When I presented my session at WPC, there was another session at the same time called “Taking the Covers Off of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 5” so unfortunately the scheduling conflict prevented me from attending in person. While that bummed me out, I was able to watch the recorded video of that session. I will post my notes and highlights on that session soon!

Overall, I really enjoyed WPC and the great momentum around Microsoft CRM!

(FYI, Los Angeles will host the WPC 2011 next summer from July 10-14, 2011…should be a blast)

Topics: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

IW Platform at WPC

The Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference gets started today and on Tuesday our very own Mike Snyder will be providing a CRM 5.0 demo with Steve Fox and Girish Raja during their Information Worker sessions on Tuesday, July 13th. If you are attending the conference, be sure to check out what I am sure will be a very informative session.


<cross posting from Steve Fox’s blog>

Next week, Steve Fox and I will be attending WPC in Washington, DC ( The Worldwide Partner Conference is a 5-day conference that provides you with an opportunity to learn more about many of the technology roadmaps, best practices and business/technology opportunities within the roadmaps.

With the latter in mind, we’ll be presenting a mini-track comprising two breakout sessions. These sessions will focus on how you can exploit the IW Platform (i.e. SharePoint, Office, CRM, and UC) for business application/solution development. The two sessions are scheduled for Tuesday, July 13th, from 3:30-4:30pm and then in the same room from 5:00-6:00pm.

About the Sessions

The first of the two sessions will discuss and showcase the business opportunities around the IW platform and will also showcase a set of partners who are betting their businesses on technologies such as SharePoint, Office, CRM, and UC. Specifically, Steve and I will be joined by the following partners:

The second of the two sessions will discuss how you can develop on the IW platform—taking you one level deeper within the opportunities. Specifically, we’ll cover how you can develop solutions for SharePoint, Office, CRM, and then talk  more about the cloud (e.g. integration of SharePoint and Azure).

Session Information

Specific information about the sessions are as follows:

Session 1: Business Software Mini-Track: The Business Application Opportunity

Business Applications leverage platform technologies such as Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Unified Communications to drive productivity and business forward. With the recent release of Wave "14", business applications offer even more to our partners and customers—not only for the information workers who live and breathe them, but also for the developers who now can build compelling, dynamic and opportunistic solutions. As our customers continue to face new ways of doing business, an explosion of data available to them, and new means of communicating and collaborating, the opportunity to build business applications that drive and manage business continues to grow. Come hear about what's new in with business applications and how you can tap into what's going on in the market to take your business to the next level.

Date: July 13th, 3:30-4:30

Location/Room Number: WCC-209B

Title: Business Software Mini-Track: Leveraging Business Application Platform Technologies

Abstract: The key to success with business applications is to deliver the greatest value to customers as quickly as possible. From Office to SharePoint to Azure, Microsoft can help you deliver more value in your solutions and to your customers with agility, performance and scalability. In this session, see the many ways that Microsoft can help you accomplish that goal through deeper insight into the core productivity platform technologies. To get there, we take a peek into how you can build and deploy solutions using Microsoft’s business application technologies.

Date: July 13th, 5:00-6:00

Location/Room Number: WCC-209B

We plan on doing lots of demos and giving you ample opportunity to get engaged and ask questions.