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Expanding and improving our Chicago office

It seems like just yesterday that we expanded our offices to accommodate additional Sonomans, yet here we are again getting ready to add a few thousand more square feet to our Chicago office. We’ve been running our office space at peak capacity for quite a while but some of our recent hires (and soon-to-arrive college grads) will push us over the edge!

In addition to new office space for employees, we also took advantage of our buildout window to do some improvements in the kitchen and main conference room, while adding an additional conference room. If all goes well, the construction work will be done next week some time (just in the nick of time for those new grads!).



Error Deleting a Record

Recently, a user had trouble deleting a record within Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. The error displayed was the ubiquitous 'An error has occurred' message:

The user has rights to delete the record and can delete other records within that entity, so what is the problem?

Well, it turns out that the record in question has one or more running workflow rules (in a waiting state) attached to it. The solution was to cancel the workflow instances for that record and then proceed with the delete.

So, if you are receiving a generic error when trying to delete a record and you have rights to delete, check the workflow tab of that record for any running workflow instances.