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Feed Me...CRM Content!

Earlier this year, the CRM documentation team recently asked me if I use the content on the CRM Resource Center. I gave them a sheepish shrug and then conceded, no...I really don't. I do KNOW that a wealth of fantastic information exists there, so that naturally led to the question of why I don't use it more. After hours of therapy, we discovered that, for me, it really comes down to an easy way to find the content and to know that new content has been added.

For those of us who write documentation, we know one of the large challenges is people being aware of the information and then ultimately getting them to read it. One approach that has been working great for me, especially with CRM content, are blogs. So I asked them if they would syndicate their content via RSS and that would be a way I can stay abreast of their new content. Apparently they have received that request many times before, and back in March the new RSS feed went live!

Take a look at the left corner in the Stay Current section of the Resource Center and you will see a Subscribe to RSS feed link.

Now I get all of the CRM Resource Center articles in my blog reader:

For those of you who don't use Outlook for your blog reader, you can access the RSS feed from these links:
On-premise Resource Center RSS Feed:
Online Resource Center RSS Feed:

And while you can access the Resource Center directly from CRM, you can also access them from these publicly available links:
On-premise Resource Center:
Online Resource Center:

Happy reading!