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Save the Date for Convergence 2006

The annual conference for Microsoft Business Solutions customers (Microsoft CRM, Great Plains, etc.) takes place each spring. Save the dates to attend the Convergence 2006 conference in Dallas, Texas from March 25th – March 28th (with the Partner Only Briefing on March 24th).

The Convergence web site will go live in November and it will include the agenda, keynote speakers, pricing, sponsor and exhibitor opportunities, Pinnacle Award information and much more. I attended my first Convergence conference in March 2005 in San Diego and I had a great time. Among the perks:

  • Microsoft Business Solutions strategy and product updates complete with breakout sessions.

  • Networking. Networking. Networking. I took full advantage of the RIO networking tool and scheduled at least a dozen appointments throughout the conference. I got to connect with customers, prospects, partners and Microsoft employees all in one can you beat that?

  • Good keynotes (including the always random-but-not-quite-as-random-as-you-initially-expect keynote from Doug Burgum). In March, Bill Gates gave a keynote on the last day of the conference but unfortunately I had to miss it in order to catch my return flight. However, I did eventually get to see it on a webcast!

  • User experience lab. Last year, the CRM product team had usuability mockups for people to test drive and give their feedback. On a sidenote, I also enjoyed the User Experience lab because they served these great smoothies and had a piano player laying down some soothing sounds.

So save the date, and make sure you attend the Convergence 2006 conference!

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