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Microsoft CRM 3.0 Beta RELEASED!

The wait is over, we just received notification that Microsoft released the beta version of Microsoft CRM 3.0 to all of the certified CRM partners. Microsoft is calling this release "Early Adopters Program (EAP) Beta". The Microsoft CRM 3.0 Early Access Program will be open to all Microsoft Registered Members, Certified Partners and Gold Certified Partners. You can get more information about downloading the software at

Please remember the following points regarding the beta program:

  • You can export your customizations from beta to the final release of the product (RTM), but THERE IS NO TOOL TO MIGRATE YOUR DATA FROM BETA TO RTM. Therefore, unless you're willing to throw away data or write a custom data migration script, you should not start using the beta software in house.

  • Partners can show and demo the software to customers (and prospects), but they can not leave the code at the customer's office.

We'll post more after we can evaluate the software for a few days, but we're pumped right now!

Update 10/26/05 4:30pm: I updated my original post to reflect that the beta is supposed to be open to all Microsoft Partners, not just CRM certified Partners. Also, I know that the website has not changed yet, but we were able to download the beta software through our TAP3 resources. I expect they will update shortly.

Update 10/27/05 1:30pm: The website is up and running! Go get the goods!